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The name, Everything Divine, came when I thought of how I wanted all the decor, designs, and projects to have a heavenly standard, everything of a divine nature.  That's when it hit me.  EVERYTHING DIVINE.  That's the standard I wanted to uphold from beginning to end, from concept to finished product, with every idea to carry it out to its full, above and beyond potential. 


I look to break out from normal boundaries of the usual, traditional decor.  I tend to lean towards unique and different, yet elegant.  I believe that with every event, it can and should carry the character and personality of the one who it is intended for.   But, most importantly, I believe that the total experience should be a fun, peaceful, and joyous one.


Nami T. Brown of "Everything Divine Events" has collaborated with our company "Glory-Us Events" of Thousand Oaks, California on numerous weddings, events and parties.  She has worn many hats within the creative process including:  Floral designer, sign writer, co-creator of custom accent pieces, event co-consultant and day-of event co-director.  Her many talents have been a valuable asset to "Glory-Us Events."  Our clients, especially our brides, have been very pleased with all aspects of her work.

Shannon Johnson

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